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Is a secure site to purchase online?
Of course, the site is secure most advanced SSL code to purchase online store.
Note that, at the time of purchase logo appears with a padlock icon on the right side of the site.
Is it possible to purchase products through the site and pay over the phone or just a credit card?
Yes, of course. After selecting products, the time of purchase check purchase means "Telephone", enter your number and a representative of the "Lower" daytime contact you for payment information.
What are the shipping costs?
Order at the higher than 250 ₪ free shipping
Order of less than the 250 ₪ shipping cost is NIS 30 ₪ be added to the payment.
* Except on sale coupons
What is the delivery time of products?
We work with private courier company, and send their products door to door.
Usually you will get the products within 2-5 working days.
Is it possible to pack the products I chose a gift?
Yes, please indicate this in the 'Comments'
I want to order Gift Card / e, is it possible to send the products to another address my address?
Yes, indeed, when booking Select shipping address is different from that of the invoice - and enter the address to which you get the gift.
The invoice will come to you.
Is it possible to wrap a gift and get a "replacement note"?
Certainly, please indicate this in the "Notes" when booking.
Is it possible to replace products bought on the site in a shop?
Yeah, got to the store with the product and invoice to two weeks after purchase, and select the product you want from the store.
Where are the shops Loire?
There are now three stores in Holon, Petach Tikva and Beersheba. For more details Move towards "stores"
I am a member / the club, will I have seen on the assumption that the acquisition site?
Of course, we encourage the members of the Lower club and an invitation to use the site, please indicate this in the 'Comments' Club members and you will get the discount you deserve when the credit card charge made by us after purchase.
What is Lower's club and How to Join
Club members receive a discount of Lower steady 10% every purchase. In addition, other benefits and special offers, sign up to the club, click here.
Can I order M"loar "workers' unions gifts, holidays and events based on a budget?
Certainly possible, contact us and we will be happy to offer you gifts as needed and budget. For contact Susie 054-7745735
Other questions?
Any further questions you can contact us by phone during the day 03-5050515 or form "Contact Us"